Students Teaching Uniform Decisions

OUR MISSION: To strive to influence our peers to make healthy and safe decisions in regards to not using alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.

We are an energetic group of kids who are passionate about setting good examples and encouraging our friends and peers to make safe, healthy and good choices!  But that doesn’t mean we don’t have fun!  We are hosting activity nights at the Lake of the Woods School, creating awareness campaigns for tourists to lock up their alcohol and acting as mentors to the younger students in our school.  We meet regularly, have officers and even follow Roberts Rule of Order!  We believe in taking care of each other!

Any student enrolled in Lake of the Woods School in grades 7-12, is eligible to join the S.T.U.Ds group.  Each member must sign a pledge to live their high school years without using alcohol, tobacco or other illegal drugs.  They also pledge to support their peers, who are choosing not to use, and encourage their peers who are struggling with this choice to refrain from using.

Download S.T.U.Ds Membership Pledge

The S.T.U.Ds Group is funded through a grant from the Minnesota Department of Human Services, Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division.  For more information on S.T.U.Ds or to become a member, please contact Lake of the Wood County Prevention Coalition (LWPC) DFC Grant Coordinator, Tammie Doebler or (LWPC) DHS P&I Grant Coordinator,  Joyce Washburn.  They can be reached at the Lake of the Woods School, 218-634-2510, ext. 1100 or 1102.

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